As a nonprofit, The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation’s mission is that of donating philosophy library packages to Philadelphia’s local homeless shelters and half-way houses, and that of providing free philosophy courses throughout the city. We believe in presenting high philosophy in an exciting, accessible manner so as to encourage an inclusive intellectual community that extends itself far beyond the cultural and financial restraints of the modern academy.

We celebrate the rich philosophical perspectives our community holds, the intellectual depth they possess, and the aesthetic value we all create together; occasioning our conceptual surroundings and interconnections through the visceral and universal touch of artistic references. By exploring the realm of thought hidden just behind the rhythms of these Philly streets – just behind our body of works – we believe that we can raise each other up, educate each other and bring to light the rich content of our shared condition.

Our future goal is to establish an efficiently condensed online platform that will offer varied, in-depth philosophical resources and seminars matching anything offered at elite universities. The online material will cover all of the books in our library packages and shall reflect the gritty Philly world-lens out of which it continuously develops.

Be sure to contact us for more information on how you may help us bring philosophy to life in the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond! We are always looking for partners, volunteers, and charitable organizations in need of a free library 🙂

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Keli “Animal” Birchfield
Philosopher in Chief
MA Philosophy, Temple University
President and Treasurer of the Advisory Board



Kristen Keller, MSW, LSW
Secretary of the Advisory Board


Dr. Caroline Meline
PhD Philosophy, Temple University
Vice President of the Board (Picture pending)



Contact us by mail:
150 Monument Road
Suite 207
Bala Cynwyd, PA

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